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Making a Sugarpaste Giraffe
Category: Ideas
Posted: 24/05/2011 12:59:00 PM
Views: 36402
Synopsis: This cute little giraffe would be great for birthday cakes as well as Christening cakes. It makes a great topper on its own or what about creating a mini zoo family!

Making a Sugarpaste Giraffe

Here's the equipment you will need:

Yellow, brown, pink, white & black sugarpaste
Blossom or lustre dust in pink shade
Cone tool (we used PME tools)

How to:

Begin by rolling out the yellow sugarpaste into two sausage shapes. Press these together to make two legs (front and back). Cut the ends off one side (you’ll attach the hooves here later). Next make a mark with the knife running the length of the sausage on both sides. This gives the impression of two legs.
Next roll four small brown balls and press slightly to flatten. Using a paint brush apply a little glue to the base (cut end) of each leg and attach the four flattened balls to each, to make the hooves.
Next roll a large ball from the yellow sugarpaste (walnut sized) – this will form the body. Apply a little glue to the top of the legs and attach the body. To provide some stability to the giraffe push a piece of spaghetti through the centre of the body and angling it down though the legs, and trim close to the body (make sure people are aware it has dried spaghetti in the middle!)
To make the neck, roll a sausage shape from yellow sugarpaste and set to one side while you make the head. To do this you will need to first roll a yellow ball and then pinch in one end to make a snout / nose. Roll two tiny sausage shapes for the ‘antlers’ and make two small indents with the taper tool on the top of the head. Attach the antlers with a small amount of glue.
For the ears first roll a small yellow ball and flatten, then roll a smaller ball of the pink and flatten also, then attach this to the inside of the ear with glue. To attach, use the same method as with the antlers. To make the eyes follow a similar method but using a small white ball and even smaller black ball for the pupils (a black edible ink pen could also be used though).
For the mouth you can either make a horizontal shallow cut at the end of the nose to have and open mouth or a little oval shape (made with a flower shaper tool) can also look very cute. Additional features you can add are eyebrows (made with a scallop / comb tool), eyelashes painted on with a very fine brush and black colour paste, rosy cheeks made by brushing on a pink lustre dust and finally a little flower in the ear made with a very small blossom / flower cutter.
To complete the giraffe, insert another piece of spaghetti into the front of the body and angled towards the middle / back of the legs. Then slide on the sausage shaped neck, securing to the body with a little glue. Leave about a cm of spaghetti at the top (cut off excess) which will allow you to secure on the head, with a little more glue. At this point I would leave to dry for a while.
While the body is drying make lots of little brown balls (for the spots) and a small sausage (for the tail). When the body has dried for a few minutes attach the spots with glue, pressing onto the body and neck, and finally attach the tail.



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