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Making Sugarpaste Sheep
Category: Ideas
Posted: 20/08/2011 12:53:00 PM
Views: 32920
Synopsis: Being able to make a few basic animals can be really useful as they come in really handy for a variety of cake designs. This sheep family set would be great for a garden theme cake or farm animal cake. They are incredibly easy to make as well!

Making Sugarpaste Sheep

Here’s the equipment you will need:

Wilton #233 Hair/fur piping tip

How to:

Sugarpaste sheepThis tutorial will show you how to make a single sheep, which you can use on its own or make a family or even a field of sheep! To make the smaller sheep / lambs simply make smaller versions. To add variety to the sheep and give them each a different some character, tilt their heads in to different positions and change their facial expressions by changing the placement of their pupils and nostrils for example. Don’t try to make them identical – even if you could!
Begin by rolling a large ball (about the size of a walnut for an adult) of white sugarpaste, and slightly elongate it so that it is a very fat sausage...though a few ‘plump’ round sheep will be perfectly fine! This forms the body which we will texture later on.
For the head roll a small piece of black sugarpaste (about 1/3 the size of the body) and roll into a fat teardrop shape. Using the end of a paintbrush make two indents towards the top for two eye sockets. Roll a very small amount of white sugarpaste into a ball and place in the socket (which you have moistened with a little cooled boiled water or edible glue). To make the pupils use the tiniest amount of black sugarpaste and roll into a ball and stick to the white eye you have just made. If you find making the ball tricky you can use an edible black ink pen instead.
Make the nostrils in the same as you made the eye sockets. To make the ears, make a hole at the top of the head and roll a small ball of black sugarpaste into a teardrop shape. Moisten the hole with a little cooled boiled water or edible glue and insert the teardrop shape, with the pointy end going into the hole. Gently press the end of the ear to round it off.
To make the sheep’s mouth use the wider end of the #233 piping tip to mark a small ‘u’ shape underneath the sheep’s nostril. If you wanted to make the sheep look like it was easting grass the simply insert a small piece of a green sprinkle (such as a blossom flower) into its mouth or use a tiny amount of flattened green sugarpaste.
To make the tail, do exactly the same thing as you did to make the ears, but don’t round off the end. Lastly to make the legs and assemble the sheep, roll two long sausages from black sugarpaste and bend in two to make ‘u’ shape. Attach the legs to the underside of the sheep with a little edible glue.
To add texture the sheep use a Wilton #233 hair and fur tip to press all over the white sugarpaste body which creates little circles of wool. If you don’t have a fur /hair tip then use a small writing tip like the Wilton No 3 to create individual circles....this may take you some time though!
Finally attach the head with a little glue (you may need to use a small piece of dried spaghetti to support the head). Leave to dry.



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